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About Us


As one of Singapore’s first game developers, we’ve grown alongside the local game industry, from its infancy to the baby steps it is taking today. We’ve seen a lot of great game ideas, prototypes, and even fully completed games from young and talented local developers. However, not all of them manage to endure the volatility of the ever-changing game industry. There are many reasons for that, and having experienced nearly all of them, we want to share that knowledge with you. With 8 years of failures, obstacles, and successes under our belts, we feel we’re well-equipped to share our knowledge, expertise, and experiences with you. And maybe one day, you’ll be up there on a panel at a game conference halfway around the world, sharing your story.

The DaylightX accelerator program will provide mentorship to aspiring Singapore-based game developers starting from early-stage game development to commercialization and publishing. The program is open to anyone who is based in Singapore and interested in making their dreams come to life.


Daylight Studios (that’s us!) is a Singapore-based game development company founded in 2011, driven by a passion for creative and innovative game design. After producing and publishing the games Reign of Heroes, Hisho Collection Mall Empire, Spirit Horizon, and Swords of Fate for mobile devices, Daylight Studios developed its popular IP series, Holy Potatoes! With four Holy Potatoes! game titles in the franchise’s portfolio, Daylight Studios is continuing to expand on the Holy Potatoes! IP by bringing their games to console platforms like the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.